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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jericho Settlers Farm

Jericho, VT - Last weekend we were up in Vermont and stopped by the Jericho Settlers Farm. The farm is a CSA(Community Supported Agriculture); this is where you can buy a "share" in the farm's crop that year. In return for your membership, you receive a box of what is ready to eat that week. The consumer gets fresh vegetables and the farm gets buyers for their crops and money up front; this way they don't have to take a loan out to hold them over until the crops come in(I heard this on a radio program). Jericho Settlers Farm(JSF) in addition to vegetables,sells meat and eggs. They sell Pork, Lamb, Beef, Chicken, and Eggs. More information: Jericho Settlers Farm

Below is the barn that houses the farm stand on the left and on the right is the Emile A. Gruppe Gallery.

Here owner Christa Alexander waters plants in the Greenhouse.

Lettuce grows out in the field.

"Hogs lookin' at you Pig"...I couldn't resist. A mother pig with some of her piglets. They kept on hiding behind the hay.

These pigs setting up for the "Missing Hog Formation" for a fallen comrade who gave his all for dinner...he was a real ham...OK only a few more zingers(I'm my own best audience).

A view of our mother pig and some Herefords in the background.

A "Chicken Mosh Pit", these chickens have a whole field to run around in but decided to group together, maybe it was the Speed Metal I was playing? OK, I'm done.

The chickens are raised "Free Range" following the Lambs or Cows who eat the high grass and when the grass is short enough the fence is moved and the chickens are moved in and fertilize the field. This Chuck Wagon with these nesting boxes hanging on the side is also moved. The chickens jump in when they want to lay an egg. The egg rolls down into a catcher. I also noticed quite a few eggs laid below the wagon.

I have not a clue what this is, it was hanging from an apple tree and I thought it looked cool. It looks kind of sticky, to catch bugs?

Note: I found out what this is, it is an Apple Maggot Trap". It is used to see if there are the Apple Maggot flies and tell if they need to spray. I don't know what they do on an Organic Farm?

There is just too much to write about this farm, log onto their website for more information: Jericho Settlers Farm

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Jericho Settlers Farm


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