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Monday, May 25, 2009

Rutland County Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

Rutland, VT - My wife and I were driving through Rutland today and she noticed this monument so we turned around and I got these photos.

In 1981 a Vietnam Veteran named John Reno; he suffered from depression and flashbacks. He started this memorial as a way to work through his problems. Unfortunately, he died in a boating accident 1982. This piece of stone lay in a Castleton gravel pit until John Bergeron, another Vietnam Vet went looking for the stone in 1995. He continued carving the stone working from John Reno's concept. This memorial was dedicated on Memorial Day 2000, nine years ago today. (Info from sign at the memorial).

Close up of the face showing the detail.

The upper body.

Someone had left roses earlier in the day.

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Rutland County Vietnam Veteran's Memorial


At 3:32 PM, Blogger Helen said...


The dude and I live in Rutland. Next time you're around, please get in touch. We'll have coffee!


At 1:39 AM, Anonymous April Noel said...

I was born in Rutland and have visited that Memorial my family was there on that dedication day. I love that Memorial. I am however a little upset that you didnt take photos or even talk about the rest of the pieces along side that memorial for there is a photo as well as article dedicated to my grandfather Donald Bodette who founded the 1st Chapter for Vietnam Veterans. He truely was a remarkable man and I am just hoping that you got a chance to view that as well, it may not be as incredible as the monument but it still is beautiful and has alot of meaning to me as well as others, memories that I hold dear to my heart. Rest In Peace my Papa Donald G. Bodette .Thank you foryour time. Take Care Always April Noel


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