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Friday, May 01, 2009

Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry and Rock Shop

South Hadley, MA - This is the building at the Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry and Rock Shop (formerly Nash Dinosaurland). The quarry was first opened to the public in 1939 by Carlton S. Nash. In 1997 Carlton passed away at 82 years old and his son Kornell Richard Nash continues his fathers work today.

The photo above shows the quarry that still yields tracks. I saw where they layers of stone are cut away to yield the next layer of tracks.

These are just some of the tracks on display in the shop. Most of the tracks are for sale so if you have that hard to shop for person, think of giving them one of these. Many notable families own one of these such as Maytags, Skinners, Carnegies and Pattons and last but not least Laural Hardy?(direct quote from website...at least one of them).

Also for sale are all these cool colorful rocks,psychedelic man. I don't know too much about them...but they look good!

Also for sale are other fossils and stones from all over the world. These fish are from China.

Click on this link for the full story and direction to Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry and Rock Shop

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Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry and Rock Shop


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