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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jacob's Ladder Stone Cairn

Becket, MA - In September 17, 1910 people came from all over the Northeast to celebrate the opening of a section of Route 20 bypassing a dangerous section of road called "Jacob's Ladder". The people came bringing stones from their home towns to the original dedication site. In 1930, the dry laid stones were moved across the street from the original site and then in 1946 it was moved to it's present site and set with mortar. Over the years some of the stones have been lost and they have been set in different locations on the monument.

Sections of the Jacob's Ladder Trail started as Native American Footpaths and then it the late 1700's European settlers developed a supply and travel route from Boston the Albany, "The West". In 1910 when the modern road was opened it was the first " Automobile Mountain Crossing" in the country reaching an elevation of 1,775 feet.

Stones on the Right side.

Stones on the left side.

Information from sign next to Cairn.

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Jacob's Ladder Stone Cairn


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This is really cool, thank you for sharing.


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