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A photo essay of life,sights and history in New England. Including some of the lesser known things and some of the down-right obscure. A new photo added every one to two days. Click on the photos to see a larger picture. There are more pictures in the archive.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Real Typewriters

Portsmouth, NH - Yes kids, in case you never saw one these are typewriters...old school type. The one all the way to the right is from the 1930's!

I saw these in Hoyt's Office Products store window while walking down the street in Portsmouth, NH. On their business card it says they specialize in vintage typewriters. These are things that you do not see that often. I used these many years ago...no spellcheck and if you make a mistake get out that bottle of white out. TRIVIA ALERT: Did you know that Mike Nesmith of the band "The Monkees" mother invented White Out? Of course if you never used a typewriter you might not know who the Monkees are.

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Real Typewriters


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