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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flayvors of Cook Farm - Asparagus Ice Cream

Hadley, MA - Flayvors of Cook Farm is an Ice Cream stand that makes its own ice cream from its own cows. It also sells butter, light lunch items, milk, pasteurized and raw milk, they even sell cows. But why buy the cow when you can just get the milk? This is the Cook Farm website if you want to buy the cow. A note about the cows, this is from my cow knowledge in a past life. The cows at the Cook Farm are Holsteins and Jerseys; Holsteins are good for volume of milk and Jersey's are known for their high butter fat content of their milk. This makes for a great pairing.

One thing that Hadley is known for is Asparagus, it is supposed to be the best asparagus in the country. I saw a video that said that a farmer, I don't remember the name, started to grow asparagus to sell in Boston because it was a delicacy in Paris and Germany and has been grown here ever since. Judging by the sign it is called Hadley Grass. I found this article about how Beth Cook invented Asparagus Ice Cream. But I also found this article on how Asparagus Ice Cream was made in the 18th and 19th century. OK, let's just say that she invented this recipe.

Here is a young lady scooping out my "Heifer" size asparagus ice cream.

And here it is, it also contains almonds and has a strong almond flavor. I read that asparagus ice cream tastes like pistachios so I am not sure where the taste of one leaves off and the other begins. It is actually very good and good for you.

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Flayvors of Cook Farm - Asparagus Ice Cream


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