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Saturday, November 05, 2011

October Storm 2011 - Week without Power

First thing I would like to say is that the power company is doing a good job of restoring power. They expect that 99% of Connecticut residents will have power by Sunday night. I was out of power for seven days, but since we are out away from a populated area I expected to be near the end of being restored. Connecticut had over 800,000 customers out of power. Since the damage was so massive the power company,Connecticut Light and Power(CL&P),like in the movie "We were Soldiers" where when an American Firebase is being overrun and they call "Broken Arrow", a code that calls any available plane in South Vietnam to come and help. CL&P called "Broken Arrow" and every available power company in the country came to help, over 2000 crews. But, people are complaining that not enough is being done, um...they are fixing a whole state in just over a week. I think with the massive amount of work being done that they are doing an awesome job. I would like to thank the workers from PIKE company from the Carolina's who fixed my wires.

You an see the heavy snow sticking to the trees. The biggest problem was that the leaves are still on the trees causing even more of this heavy snow to stick.

A day or so after the snow the sun came out and melted the snow off the trees exposing the damage. Here a large branch has pulled down the wires.

Here a branch is hanging on the wires. All these photos are around my house.

A tree laying on the wires.

Two large Oak trees with most of the branches broken. This is out in front of the Glassblowing studio in Riverton,CT.

A tree blocking half the road. One thing you have to remember is this is after the roads were mostly cleared of branches and trees, at least the ones that were safe to touch.

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October Storm 2011 - Week without Power


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