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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Colorful Fall Farm Stand

Vermont - We took a trip up to Bennington VT and on the way back we stopped at this colorful farm stand. I was told every year is they spell out VERMONT in pumpkins.

Here is a white pumpkin, I hear that last year the sold so well that this year they planted extras and they are selling very well.

Another standard item is this display.

A rack of large ears of Indian Corn.

Colorful gourds; my wife picked up some of these for our house.

A big line of pumpkins; the pumpkins were lined up by size.

They also had piles of squash, this is a striped variety of acorn squash(sorry I forget the name).

A display of small ears of Indian Corn.

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Colorful Fall Farm Stand


At 8:17 AM, Blogger A New England Girl said...

I LOVE this farm stand... it's only a 25 minute drive from my house. We make it a point to visit every autumn. The family is so kind and such a joy to speak to. I love their set up (pumpkins by size/price) and all the delicious cheeses and spreads that they have inside the barn. Thanks for highlighting this! I was wondering just yesterday if they would have white pumpkins....


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