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Sunday, February 21, 2010

New England Peace Pagoda

Leverett, MA - This is the New England Peace Pagoda, is the first Nipponzan-Myōhōji Peace Pagoda to be built in the US and was completed in 1986. This pagoda is a Buddhist stupa which is meant to focus people uniting them to search for world peace.

Not knowing what each of these statues represent or who they represent I will just give a very brief description; the statues are all on the pagoda. This one contains two Buddhist statues.

Standing Buddhist Statue.

Sitting Buddhist Statue.

Reclining Buddhist Statue.

All through the pagoda is a Lotus theme, the pagoda looks like a lotus, the statues look to be in lotus blossoms, even the stones around the pagoda have lotus flowers stamped in them.

The sign at the entrance.

The sign directing you to where the pagoda is, I noticed that stones were piled everywhere, even on this sign. I know it has some significances to Buddhists but I don't really know what it is.

This building is in the process of being built, I believe it will contain a prayer hall and living quarters for monks.

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New England Peace Pagoda


At 5:26 AM, Blogger a painter said...

Your photos are excellent. We have often thought of going there. It really is quite wonderful to think of such a place nestled in New England in the New England woods.


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