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Monday, September 07, 2009

Sweet Pea Cheese

North Granby, CT - Yesterday I posted about Hayes Corn Maze which is on the Sweet Pea Farm. Today, I will post about the farms main business Goat and Cow Cheese and Milk. The farm produces various goat milk products Chevre, Feta, Cheese Curd, Greek Style yogurt and pasturized whole milk. They also have Cow products Pasturized whole milk, whole milk yogurt, and somthing called divine bovine, not sure what that is but is sounds interesting. I also saw goat milk soap in the showroom.

Sign at the entrance of the farm.

Chevre cheese (goat in French, I looked it up). This is my attempt a nice presentation. The Chevre cheese comes in various flavors with herbs and fruits mixed in; I have an Orange and Honey cheese here. To me it tasted like a filling for a cannoli, very nice. I also tried Chevre Chaud which is Chevre cheese under the broiler all I can say it was a taste sensation.

The refridgerated case that holds all the good stuff.

Here the curd is being seperated from the whey in the cheese making process.

The "girls" are in the holding pen waiting to get milked. It was funny they were all chewing their cud and it looked like a whole bunch of gossiping women.

This is Billy, he is tired; it is breeding season and let's just say he has been very busy!

For more information on times, products, and directions, click here: Sweet Pea Cheese

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Sweet Pea Cheese


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