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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Housatonic, MA - On my travels today I stopped in the Berkshire Mountain Bakery, I've posted about this bakery before. I bought a loaf of bread and one of these cookies.

I looked up some of the ingredients to see exactly what they were:

Spelt Grain - Is a subspecies of wheat, a staple from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. It is still grown today because it requires fewer fertilizer it is popular with the Organic Farming Movement.

Sucanat - It is a contraction of "Sugar Cane Natural"; Sucanat is basically dried cane juice. It contains the most nutrients of any cane derived sugar. It is not to be confused with Turbinado Sugar which only contains a trace amount of molasses and it is crystalline; Sucanat contains all the molasses and it is grainy instead of crystalline.

Palm Fruit Oil - Not to be confused with Palm Kernal Oil which is the unhealthy variety. It contains many valuable vitamins and is very high in caroteinoids. In fact it has 13 to 15 times more carotenes than carrots.

The cookie was very tasty, sweet and moist. The sunflower seeds and Pinenut seeds gave it a nice texture when you bit into it. Give one a try it is a 100% better than one of those dry gaggy granola bars.

Information from: Science in Africa
and Wikipedia

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At 11:31 PM, Blogger redapes said...

Dear Sir,

I came across your post and feel obliged to tell you a bit about palm oil. Roughly 90% of it comes from Indonesia and Malaysia-- and in order to cultivate it, palm oil corporations destroy the rainforest and replant the land with seedlings from a high output African oil palm tree. Hundreds of thousands of square acres of pristine rainforest have already been converted-- and every creature living there has been killed.

You're probably wondering who this person is that found your blog and decided to post a response?

I'm the Director of a non-profit organization called Orangutan Outreach. We're dedicated to preventing the extinction of wild orangutans and raising funds for our orangutan rehabilitation center in Borneo. It is called Nyaru Menteng and has recently been featured on Animal Planet's series 'Orangutan Island'.

How does this relate to palm oil? Well, those forests I mentioned above are where the orangutans live! The cultivation of palm oil has directly led to the horribly brutal deaths of thousands of orangutans. Our care center is now home to over 650 orangutans-- many as young as a few weeks old. All of their mothers have been murdered by palm oil companies, who are known to give out rewards for killing the orangutan 'pests'. Babies are often ripped off their dying mothers and sold on the black market as trophy pets for rich families.

To learn more about the crisis facing wild orangutans due to palm oil, please visit our website: http://redapes.org

Maybe you'd even like to adopt a baby orangutan!

Thanks for your time, Rich

Richard Zimmerman
Director, Orangutan Outreach
Reach out and save the orangutans!

At 3:45 AM, Blogger Louisiana said...

cookies follow me everywhere i tell you...yumm...

Happy Easter to you and yours.


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