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Thursday, March 13, 2008


All I have to say is, WHY? Why is the price of diesel so high? I must preface with, I have a diesel car. When I bought the car diesel was the lowest prices fuel, now it is 65 cents higher than premium gas...why? The disparity is all year round not just a seasonal thing. Now remember, #2 fuel oil, which is the same as diesel fuel, is what most people in New England heat their houses with. I feel sorry for the people on a fixed income who can't afford to heat their houses at these prices. And by the way, the lion's share of trucks that haul everything you own and eat, are diesel so we all are paying for diesel fuel. So can anyone tell me why diesel fuel is so expensive, inquiring minds want to know.



At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Steve said...

It may be expensive to you guys but try coming to the UK. Diesel prices are at $8.64 per gallon , with regular gas only a few cents less. Now that really is a ripoff and everyone in this country does nothing about it. I suppose they are waiting for the US to come bail them out as per usual.


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