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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Red's Eats - Famous Lobster Roll

Wiscassett, ME - Let me preface these captions with, I am really cheap...er...thrifty.  This is Red's Eats in the town of Wiscassett Maine.  It is known for it's world famous lobster roll.  People queue up and wait to try this treat.

This is my meal I had that day.  A lobster roll, small fries which were very generous for a small, a piece of blueberry cake, and a bottle of water.  This is the thrifty part, there is no price for the lobster roll, just "Market Price".  So I was taken back a bit when I found the price of the lobster roll was over 15 dollars.  My meal that day came to 25 dollars and change. Which I thought was a bit high since lobster prices are extremely low this summer.  The lobstermen are getting about 3 dollars a lobster now, and I was told the price was down to $1.50 this summer; many lobstermen are not fishing until the price comes up.  I just wonder what the price of a lobster roll would be if prices were up?  But I will say the food was good.

A family is getting their order.

´╗┐This is the line that I waited in.  I took one-hour to get to the window, about twenty feet.  Is the food good?  Yes. But, is the lobster roll any better that most other places?  I don't think so.  It is lobster meat in a hot dog roll. (Full disclosure: I did not compare it to any other place this trip) But, I think you could find many other places that can give you a lobster roll of equal quality, with a better view, (Red's is right on Rte.1), without having to stand in line for an hour.
Am I sorry for going to Red's?  No.  Would I go back again?  I don't think so, and not because of the quality of the food.  There are a lot of places in Maine to get a lobster roll and I will try one of those next time I am in Maine...and who knows, I may change my mind.  If I do, I will amend this posting.

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Red's Eats - Famous Lobster Roll


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Barbara Poole said...

I agree with everything you wrote about Red's Eats. We ate there last year, had the same long lines and I thought the food was way overpriced. When I read your post, I had a good laugh...I wonder how many people think like us. I have a blog too, called Seeing New England, if you're interested.


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