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New England Photos

A photo essay of life,sights and history in New England. Including some of the lesser known things and some of the down-right obscure. A new photo added every one to two days. Click on the photos to see a larger picture. There are more pictures in the archive.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Northampton, MA - I spied this vending machine in front of a store in Northampton MA; sorry I did not get the name of the store. This machine dispenses small pieces of art instead of cigarettes...cool.

Thanks to MJ who let me know that this machine is in the lobby of "Faces" 175 Main St. Northampton.

MJ also gave me the website for the Art-o-Mat

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At 10:26 AM, Blogger M. J. said...

The artomat is in the lobby of Faces (175 Main Street). There's a website for artomat at http://www.artomat.org/

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Thanks for the info.


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