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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great Barrington MA - 250th Anniversary Parade

Great Barrington, MA - Today I attended the Great Barrington, MA's 250th Anniversary parade. It is late so I will post just a few photos. More tomorrow.

Noon...parade starting time.

Before the parade there was a beard contest. This fellow got the "Most Naturally Colorful Beard".

This is Iredale Mineral Cosmetics banner. Iredale is a year long sponsor of this event.

This is Iredale's float.

Before the parade I stopped by here for a nice grilled Kielbasa. Warning: the mustard has quite a horseradish kick...but so good.

The Barrington Brewery guys rolled this barrel down the parade route.

A somber fireman.

A cool firewagon. I like these old time fireman dress outfits.

This guy is a horse poop butler. His job is to walk behind a carrige and pick up the droppings.

Let's Samba.

Oooo...Ronald loves the ladies. Who knew he was such player.

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Great Barrington MA - 250th Anniversary Parade


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