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Saturday, April 23, 2011

McAllister's Classic and Custom Fly Shop

Pleasant Valley, CT - Yesterday my boss let us quit work at noon so I decided to try out my new fly rod that I had built. I had done a little fishing with a fly rod about 40 years ago so basically I did not know much about fly fishing. I stopped by McAllister's Fly shop to buy some flies to use on the Farmington River. I told Jaime that I was a newbie and he offered to bring me outside and give me some pointers on how to cast...which I was so grateful for. He also told me which flies to use and even showed me a much easier knot to tie than what I read about on the web. There is no substitute for experience.

Here his is helping me out again with a rod malfunction. This is where he ties his flies. I read on his website that he has a get together once a month to tie flies, maybe someday for me.

Here you can see fly tieing materials and on the table are bins full of flies for purchase, he also sells spinning gear, rods, live bait,even some clothing.

The checkout. If you look in front of the bear skin you will see a custom hand-made net by McAllister's Nets.

If you are fishing on or driving by the Farmington River in Pleasant Valley, stop in to McAllister's and pickup some fishing gear and learn what is biting.

Link to McAllister's Shop

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McAllister's Classic and Custom Fly Shop


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