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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Greenwood Glass

Riverton, CT - Today my wife and I went to the Christmas in Riverton festivities. One of the places we stopped at was the Greenwood Glass Studio and Gallery. This is a photos I took in February 2007 but it probably looks the same after today's snow. This was the former Hitchcock Chair Museum but now houses this glass blowing studio.

This woman and the one below are making their own Christmas ornaments. I believe on the weekends you can help make a few items yourself, ornaments,paperweights, and a few more small items. But, to be sure I would call ahead, here their website. They also have glassblowing classes so you can learn this art yourself.

The gallery is on the second floor, here you can see some of the wonderful object Peter Greenwood makes here.

Another section of the gallery, you can see the stained glass window in the background; this was originally a church.

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Greenwood Glass


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