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Friday, November 27, 2009

Old Narragansett Church

Wickford, RI - This is the oldest Episcopal church in the Northeast. The congregation was founded on 1706 as St. Paul's Church. The church was was built in 1707. The church has box pews, a balcony, and one of the oldest organs in the United States. The organ was built by Bernard Smith in 1680.

There is a small church graveyard, one of people buried there is Frederick Hesley Belden, the 10th Bishop of Rhode Island.

I noticed this stone for two people lost at sea.

The church is set way back from the main road. The stones you see have names and dates carved in them.

Judging from the names and dates, it appears that these are the ministers from the church.

Not all stones are for the ministers, some memorialize members of the church or important dates for the congregation.

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Old Narragansett Church


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