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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Most of you may not have heard of Moxie Soda but it was the first mass marketed soda in the country. It was invented in Lowell, Massachusetts by Dr. Augustin Thompson of Union Maine in 1884. It was first sold as a patent medicine that would cure most anything. On the can it has Gentian Root as one of the ingredients which is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory and gastric stimulant and increase appetite. Gentian Root is bitter and is used in Angostura Bitters.

Moxie is an aquired taste, at first it reminds you of root beer and then the bitterness kicks in; it does have that medicinal taste but the more you drink it kind of grows on you. I first had Moxie when I was just a tyke, my grandmother used to give it too me mixed with milk; it is actually very good like that.

I bought this can at the Granville General Store in Granville, MA. I did notice that they had quite a bit in the cooler. I asked the owner if they sell much of this and she said it is a very big seller. People of all ages drink it but mostly older people. She also said that it was big with the bicyclist for some reason.

Info: Moxie Soda

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At 9:33 PM, Blogger Louisiana said...

well, yes, you are right in that i have never heard of this drink. also, it doesn't sound promising to my taste for if it tastes like rootbeer i know i won't like it. but i'm glad so many do and that is still around.

thank you for teaching me something new.

may you and yours have a blessed thanksgiving. hugs to all.

At 9:39 AM, Blogger AndrĂ©e said...

Would you believe, a lifelong New Englander, and I've never had a Moxie? I'm going to have to grab some this weekend. Thank you for the history lesson.


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