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New England Photos

A photo essay of life,sights and history in New England. Including some of the lesser known things and some of the down-right obscure. A new photo added every one to two days. Click on the photos to see a larger picture. There are more pictures in the archive.


Sunday, October 07, 2007


I will be on the road again for the next few weeks so I won't be able to post; but will have some interesting photos when I get back.

I will leave you with this years collection of scarecrows at the GRANVILLE HARVEST FAIR which is still going on over the Columbus Day weekend.




At 2:13 AM, Blogger Tom in Vegas said...

Hi, Bill, my name is Tom and I live enamored of New England. I currently live in Las Vegas, NV which - in my opinion - is at the opposite end of the cultural spectrum from New England (ironic, since Las Vegas and New England are also at opposite coasts). Anyway, my life long dream is to someday move to a city or town in New England cluttered by lots of trees, rolling hills, old New England homes, narrow streets (I love cobblestone streets), beautiful autumns, and snow-covered lawns and streets during the holidays. I have heard that Nantucket is beautiful, but I also get the impression that it's way too small.

So, what New England town should I be aiming for?

I think I definitely have found a blog of great personal interest to me (I love your pictures). I hope to get the chance to read all of your posts and see all of the pictures you have posted of New England. Maybe there I can find my answer. But if you can mention to me a few places to explore I’d really appreciated.

I can't wait till you get back to see your pictures. Hope to here from you soon.


At 1:37 AM, Blogger Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hi Bill, I have been entertaining visitors for the last few weeks and now able to resume blogging more often again. have a good trip and will wait for your new pictures on your return.


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