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New England Photos

A photo essay of life,sights and history in New England. Including some of the lesser known things and some of the down-right obscure. A new photo added every one to two days. Click on the photos to see a larger picture. There are more pictures in the archive.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Account of my death has been greatly exaggerated...

OK, I stole that title from Mark Twain. But I have been away from blogging for a while. Here I am wearing my "Survivor" shirt, "Tastes Like Chicken". It supposed to look like I was lost in the woods. OK, just pretend. (looks like I have not missed many meals during the time off).

Here is what I have been up to. I got a job working for a large insurance company on a contract to hire basis creating an Executive Dashboard using Xcelsius(dashboarding software). Due to being on the contract I was unable to make my annual pilgrimage to Alaska...oh well there is always next year.

Sophie is holding her own, see her having fun above. I previously thought that she had an enlarged heart. That is only half true, she has a mass on her heart that the vet thinks might be cancer. Other that being very tired she is doing OK.

The acupuncture is having fantastic results on Thatcher. He can get up on slippery floors by himself, he can walk down stairs, he stopped dragging his feet, and stopped falling down. He is back to his old self harassing Sophie and Preston the cat. We hope that he can continue his good health. (For new readers he has Hydrocephalis(water on the brain)).

I will try to keep up with my postings, I miss it.

The Account of my death has been greatly exaggerated...


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Janet said...

Welcome back! I've missed reading about your world and viewing the great pictures you post.
Janet in rural coastal Nova Scotia

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

I had been wondering why there weren't posts since June.
Welcome back. I'm glad to hear that Thatcher is doing well with the accupunture.


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